International Niche Product Manager was a product marketing roll responsible for introducing PUMA’s most innovative and exclusive products to the retail customer. The Mongolian Shoe BBQ was the highest grossing retail product in Asia Pacific for 4 weeks and the Biomega bike spent time on display in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.


Brand Manager

Women Who Code

Built relationships bringing about sponsorship from more than 30 companies in San Francisco including Twitter, Heroku, Pivotal Labs, Github, ModCloth, Zendesk, OpenTable, Klout, Dropbox, OKcupid Labs, and many more...


Alaina earned an MBA and Organizational Management Masters with the Global Partners MBA Program. She's worked in marketing for many years, starting her career in Germany with PUMA, before migrating to the tech industry. Alaina currently manages 19 clients and is an organizer of Women Who Code - a group dedicated to increasing the number of women working in technology. She loves chocolate and has visited more than 50 countries.